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National Endowment for the Arts

Grant opportunities from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA): Challenge America and Grants for Arts Projects (GAP). Filmmakers, this is your chance to secure support for your creative visions! These grants are here to fuel your projects in any corner of the United States, from all 50 states to the District of Columbia and U.S. jurisdictions.

Discover additional details and access the comprehensive guidelines at The NEA takes immense pride in bolstering the nation's arts sector through these grants, aiming to enrich lives with the beauty of artistry. Your filmmaking can play a vital role in enhancing individual well-being, enriching our communities, and stimulating local economies. As we navigate post-pandemic times and chart our path forward, the arts become our lens to comprehend our world from diverse angles.

From arts organizations to local arts agencies, arts service organizations, and local education agencies, your ideas can advance the NEA's overarching goals.

Don't miss this chance to bring your filmmaking dreams into reality!

National Endowment for the Arts

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