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Leveling Up Your
Film Business


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"Leveling Up Your Film Business" is a power-packed course and workbook that will considerably shorten your journey to your video-making dreams!


Here's the Secret to Building an Independent Video Creation Empire

The only way to get clients, co-producers, financiers, grantors, investors, and distributors to take you seriously is by presenting yourself as a professional who has their BUSINESS in order!

Tell Me If You Can Relate?

You’re in the right place because you know…

You're ready to produce a film, but you're tired of getting one piece of the puzzle. You want the step-by-step process


You're struggling to get your existing ideas off the ground because you don't know where to find resources and funding


You're tired of losing time, energy, and money on projects that don't get distribution or even sell


You have no idea what distribution companies and financiers want and need to see in business plans and pitch proposals

And... You're just TIRED of hopelessly SCROLLING the INTERNET for answers!


"You don't know what you don't know." 

So, you're not sure what you need to be searching for.


Don't Worry... I Got You!

I provide a roadmap so that creators can easily gain a better vision to JUMPSTART their Passion, Purpose, and Creativity.

If you’re like most aspiring filmmakers, here’s why you might be stuck:



Too many indie filmmakers get caught up in the creative side of filmmaking and put little focus on tasks that will generate profit. This leads to frustration and burnout REAL quick. 


The Result?


You QUIT because you're not seeing a return on your efforts.




Perfecting your visuals, casting actors, or having the best equipment means NOTHING if you don’t actually have a marketable screenplay.


Know Who You're Targeting

If you don’t understand how your story idea fits within the market, don’t expect distributors or consumers to either.



Having ideas for video productions are great, but not knowing how to CONVERT distributors, investors, and financiers into supporters can PREVENT you from moving forward.


Do you have the necessary pitching tools and marketing processes in place to turn these individuals into funders or buyers? If not, it will be difficult for you to PRODUCE and DISTRIBUTE your film.

If you’ve experienced at least 1 of these 3 issues, Leveling Up Your Film Business can help you.


Ready to get into the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry but don’t know where to begin?

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In “Leveling Up Your Film Business” producer, Thada Catalon provides the ultimate business blueprint for beginner filmmakers. There’s no fluff or fillers in this online course. Instead, it is simply a step-by-step guide that provides the framework to turn your indie film production into a money-making business.

If you are making a feature film, web series, or video content, Leveling Up Your Film Business provides the strategy that will help set you up for success.

As filmmakers, we like to think of making movies as an art form, but filmmaking is a business at the end of the day. This means every stage of the filmmaking process is a step towards promoting your picture for a return on investment.

Don’t get me wrong, some auteurs, with long pockets, can afford to create a movie for the love of the art. However, most people who invest millions of dollars do it for the possibility of profiting from the art form.

Now, I know that the business aspect is not as sexy as creating stories, being on set, working with actors, editing footage, adding visual effects, or producing musical scores. Nonetheless, it is the most critical aspect of getting a return on investment.

Enrolling in "Leveling Up Your Film Business" is one of the critical first steps in your film journey.

Learn how to build your film business from the ground up!

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Just Imagine Where You'll Be One Year From Now...

Use checklists and guides to help set up your company and movie production

Incorporate your production company or freelance company

Identify your company's mission and objectives

Select a marketable story idea

Develop a distribution strategy and marketing plan for your production

Learn the procedures for creating the script breakdown, shooting schedule, and budget

Develop a financial plan to raise funding

Implement the steps for developing a business plan and pitch deck

Create an implementation strategy to greenlight your production

Get a list of tools you need to help you facilitate the development process

I truly recommend this class to anyone that is a producer and needs a refresher or to anyone wanting to be a producer. The videos and the workbook Thada provide go great together, and she explains everything thoroughly and precisely. But, what helped me even more, were the example videos where she explained everything step-by-step. Extremely grateful to have taken this class.

Ron Clemons

You will surely see your movie production crumble if you start from the middle. And, ain’t nobody got time for that! Get the proven STEP-BY-STEP blueprint to launching a profitable video production.

I’m Thada Catalon—your Indie Film Expert.

I’ve been working professionally as a producer in the entertainment industry for over a decade. I began my film career as an actress. That path led me to produce several films, which have received national and international distribution on media platforms such as Amazon, Tubi, iTunes, Verizon, Comcast, Vudu, Fandango, Revolt TV and so many more.


My deep purpose is to help beginner filmmakers and content creators create the type of projects they desire without enduring all of the hardships along the way.

I’ve made it my mission to provide guidance, tips, and resources to filmpreneurs searching for tools to help them get their projects made and distributed on multi-media platforms.

Everything that I teach is based on the exact steps I took:

🎥 To build my authority in producing video & movie productions

💰 To attract paying clients needing production or consultation services

📺 To develop productions that didn’t drown but instead landed distribution

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Leveling Up Your Film Business's Curriculum...


Unlike most filmmaking courses that teach everyone and anyone who wants to dabble in videomaking, "Leveling Up Your Film Business" is a program that focuses on helping filmpreneurs get down to the business aspects that will help them earn a living doing what they love.


Each lesson is crafted with the bottom line in mind: greenlight your production and get it distributed.



What makes "Leveling Up Your Film Business" different is that it teaches you skills outside of just picking the best camera to shoot your film.


This comprehensive program  covers topics like setting up your production company, developing distribution strategies, attaching talent, and critical lessons on fundamental marketing strategies.



Most programs that teach "beginners" are typically led by those who have not had a film produced and distributed.


And, honestly, this includes a lot of film schools, as well. They primarily teach theory without any real-world experience.


When you join "Leveling Up Your Film Business," you'll learn the same strategies that helped Thada produce multiple indie films and distribute her films on multi-media platforms.

About Me
What's Inside


Leveling Up
Your Film Business


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What's included in "Leveling Up Your Film Business?"

Let’s dive into the COURSE CURRICULUM

Is Leveling Up Your Film Business Right For You?


You're an indie filmmaker wanting to earn a living producing video content for the web, silver screen, and television sets around the world

You're serious about results and want to do the work. I want you to start booking projects with paid clients ASAP!

You ENJOY producing video content, and you WANT to see your stories come to life on multi-media platforms

You know you want to make movies, but you don't have the faintest idea of how to jumpstart a movie production, but you're here and willing to learn the step-by-step business process through an online learning system.

Leveling Up Your Film Business Online Course


Don't have a willingness to learn and improve.

Don't work well within a self-paced environment and require 1:1 attention.

Do not want to learn the business aspects of filmmaking to grow your business and are not committed to being consistent.

Already works consistently and earns a living producing your own video productions (you won't need Leveling Up if you already have the results this course provides unless you're switching from short form to feature length films!)

amber eswani.jpg

Amber Eswani

They really didn't teach or focus on the business side of production in film school, so thank you so much for making this film production business workbook! 

Your book has been very helpful so far and is a great resource for me to get my ideas for a business together.

Daniel Samray_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Daniel Samray

Thank you for your advice and for sharing your insightful knowledge of film marketing.  I now have a better understanding of marketing a short film than I did before our conversation.  I will now put all your advice and insights into action and hope to market my shorts successfully.  I can't thank you enough and recommend anyone struggling with film marketing to get in touch with you. 


Sheirah Kay

What I love about the "Leveling Up Your Film Business Workbook" is how thorough and detailed it is with every phase of filmmaking for any and every niche of filmmaking. The questions Thada poses throughout the workbook prompt you to really consider which form of filmmaking you want to pursue. The workbook provides a step-by-step process on the best way to start for beginner filmmakers such as myself and enhance the knowledge and skills of more experienced filmmakers.


Ready to Make Massive Progress in Your Film Business?

The lessons you will take part in will guide you through the exact components you need to avoid costly mistakes and the essentials you MUST have to operate your production company.

One-Time Payment

Full Price $597


I packed so much value into this course, and I am excited to share it with you. So, for this BLACK FRIDAY season, I'm providing this EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL.




In addition to this jam-packed course you'll get...

Digital Study Planner

A study planner specifically designed for film students to make their study life easier to manage.

Project Management Calendar

An already prefilled projection calendar with 137 tasks is a great way to organize your development schedule and keep interested parties abreast of all actions.


I saved you a ton of time on research and guesswork. I culled together a list of 30+ potential funders just for you. I did all of the legwork to help fast track your success.


Let's Make This Your Year of Progress!


Once you're in, you'll get set up in the classroom's portal to start downloading the workbook and plunging into the mini-lessons. By the end of the day, you should have a clear plan on how to make the most out of this course.

In the next several weeks, you will elevate your business status using these course materials, and I'm so excited for you to take this bold step in making your passions a reality! 🥂

Most importantly, I'm thrilled that you're taking this step to level up your film business. Actions get results, and this is a significant action that's going to bring MASSIVE RESULTS.

See you on the inside!

"Believe in your craft enough to admire it, study it, and perfect it."

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Course Really Impact My Film Business?

Yes! This course is everything you need to JUMPSTART your film business. All of the worksheets, checklists, and templates are essential guides to help set you up for success.

The course is explicitly geared towards proactive creators looking to improve their craft and build a career doing what they love.


Level Up Your Film Business Today!

Consider this your SHORTCUT to
leveling up your film career.


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