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Diversity in Cinema

--here to offer a no BS approach to learning and building a digital media career.

Mission Statement

Diversity in Cinema Academy recognizes the systemic challenges of oppressive industry structures that traditionally impede the development and distribution of marginalized filmmakers and screenwriters’ stories. Our mission is to challenge the status quo by redefining and advancing the roles of multicultural content creators in contemporary filmed entertainment. We accomplish this by providing high-quality educational filmmaking content and resources geared specifically toward their diverse voices— all focused on helping them achieve their next career milestone.

The Organization

Diversity in Cinema Academy fosters a brand of inclusivity. However, our primary focus is to address the needs of underrepresented and underserved groups, such as women, veterans, ethnic communities, and LGBTQ+ members, who wish to enhance their creativity and business skillsets. The content, products, and services provided by Diversity in Cinema Academy complement the organization's primary mission, which is to provide a cultural alternative to the commercial film-schooling experience.

Independent Film

Learn More About Independent Film

The world of independent film in general is exciting and can be lucrative for those with the right skills and knowledge. Filmmaking is divided into the following steps: writing and development, pre-production and prep, production, post-production, marketing and publicity, release and distribution, and maintenance. All of these steps are crucial in the filmmaking process when creating an independent film.

Filmmaking takes place in a wide range of variety using many different cinematic techniques and technologies. Anyone wondering where to turn to get that education can rally on Diversity in Cinema Academy to get the training and insight they need to get started in the world of entertainment and content creation. Our expert team provides all the latest information and experience necessary to start working in the indie film industry.


Armed with the proper education, many can work in their chosen field and follow their dreams. To learn more about this opportunity, please read all the tabs on the website. Reach out to us directly to get any answers to questions or to address concerns. We have a team ready to help potential students get the information and support they need to get started on the path to success.

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