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Online Courses

Learning Together From the Comfort of  Your Home

Diversity in Cinema Academy creates filmmaking and content creation courses geared towards allowing the learner to explore the step-by-step process of making an independent film, short film, screenplay, or digital content from start to finish.


The creator will learn the ins and outs of production management that focuses on funding, budgeting, scheduling, casting, crewing, storyboarding, location scouting, lighting, and a host of other topics.


The courses will offer insight into how to best work with a professional crew and how to make a movie set a fun and professional place to work.


Since lighting and sound are equally essential to professional-level work, the creator will explore all facets of making a quality product to include great shot composition and camera movement.

You'll also learn the best practices to market and distribute your product.


Whether you're a first-time digital content creator or have a couple of films under your belt, this program will provide you with the skills and tools to create a bonafide quality project.


Feel free to click through the website to see the course study. You are able to pick a la carte or study the entire program. When you are ready, jump on over to the enrollment page to register.

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What makes "Leveling Up Your Film Business" different than other filmmaking courses is that it teaches you skills outside of just picking the best camera to shoot your film.


This comprehensive program  covers topics like setting up your production company, developing distribution strategies, attaching talent, and critical lessons on fundamental marketing strategies.

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Business Plans


Pitch Decks


DIY Distribution


Production Management

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