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A Comprehensive Guide to Producing an Indie Film Production

The Ultimate Indie Film Roadmap.jpg

This E-book features 10 specific steps across 24 pages of production strategies and tips — all designed to offer you a wide-ranging look into the filmmaking process. It gives you a clear-cut roadmap on how to go from the idea phase to distributing your film project — all for FREE.

Whether you're a hobbyist looking for filmmaking tips, or you're a beginner filmmaker in need of a blueprint that will help set your production up for success —you're in the right place.

Downloading "The Ultimate Indie Filmmaker Roadmap" is one of the critical first steps in your film journey.

Here's a Breakdown of
What's Covered

  1. DEVELOPMENT – Developing your idea, setting up your business, and fundraising

  2. MARKETING STRATEGY – Creating a plan for awareness and interest in your film

  3. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY – Choosing the right distribution partners

  4. FUNDING – Researching multiple avenues for raising production funds

  5. PRE-PRODUCTION – Preparing to shoot the film

  6. PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY Shooting the film

  7. POST PRODUCTION – Editing and mastering the film

  8. DISTRIBUTION – Making the film available for viewing

  9. EXHIBITION – The platforms to view the picture

  10. PUBLICITY – Getting the word out about your movie

I’m Thada Catalon—your Indie Film Expert.

I’ve been working professionally as a producer in the entertainment industry for over a decade. I began my film career as an actress. That path led me to produce several films, which have received national and international distribution on media platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, Verizon, and Revolt TV.


My deep purpose is to help beginner filmmakers and content creators create the type of projects they desire without enduring all of the hardships along the way.

I’ve made it my mission to provide guidance, tips, and resources to filmpreneurs searching for tools to help them get visible and paid by turning their passions into a reality.

Ready to Get Started?

If you're serious about learning how to start a film career, download this FREE E-book NOW!

As a seasoned indie film producer with multiple films available for a global audience viewing, I know a thing or two when it comes to producing a movie and making it available for worldwide consumption—and I'm excited to share that knowledge with you.

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