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"Having a really good understanding of history, literature, psychology, sciences – is very, very important to actually being able to make a compelling story."

Paint Splatter 2
Paint Splatter 2
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Welcome to Diversity in Cinema Academy's Script Library!

Our script library is a curated list of free screenplays and teleplays that exemplifies the storytelling of diverse character-driven stories. It also showcases the stories of different cultures from the perspectives of BIPOC, women, and LGBTQ+ members.


We created this script library because we found that marginalized and underserved filmmakers were having difficulty finding free screenplays that represented their voices. We wanted to make the search easier for them by curating this ever-growing list of free screenplays.


Whether you are an emerging screenwriter or a professional, this site is for you. The critical component of understanding the art of writing a compelling screenplay is to read screenplays and educate yourself. Take the time to breakdown and analyze these scripts. Analyzing a screenplay's structure, character, plot, dialogue, action, and themes are invaluable tools in any stage of writing. Learning from some of the best scripts made to-date can improve your writing or even springboard new innovative ideas within your writing.


In short, our script library is a forum to utilize, enjoy, learn, and discover. So, get yo reading on!!!

Vintage typewriter screenwriting

Browse and read hundreds of free screenplays and teleplays for educational purposes.

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Discover More About Writing a Screenplay

Anyone currently interested in learning more about writing a screenplay or getting the information and education they need to create a producible screenplay is encouraged to reach out to Diversity in Cinema Academy. We have a broad range of tools and information to help each aspiring screenwriter achieve their goals and get the knowledge and experience to jump-start their screenwriting career. We also have valuable information on each tab located on the website. Please feel free to learn more about the Academy and reach out to us directly with any questions or concerns about the offered services. We want to be the place individuals turn to get insight and education that helps them forge a solid filmmaking career in multiple sectors related to screenwriting, content creation and film.

aaron sorkin teaches screenwriting


The goal of Diversity in Cinema Academy is to provide free screenplays, teleplays, and other copyrighted materials for educational purposes only. We are making these materials available solely to gain the knowledge, insight, and comprehension of the screenwriting art form. All of the copyrighted material distributed on this site is done so without profit. Therefore, I believe this constitutes a “fair use” of these copyrighted materials.


Suppose an individual wants to use any screenplays, teleplays, and any other copyrighted material for anything other than educational purposes. In that case, said individual would NEED to obtain permission from all copyright owners.


If you are the writer or owner of any of these copyrighted materials and want us to take them down, feel free to e-mail us at:

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