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Through Her Lens

Introducing Through Her Lens: The Tribeca CHANEL Women’s Filmmaker Program, a beacon of support for the rising stars in the world of cinema. This program is your gateway to unleashing your creativity, backed by funding, project support, and dedicated mentorship that propels your journey.

Join Through Her Lens as they shine a spotlight on emerging and independent voices, particularly U.S.-based women and non-binary writers, directors, and producers. With Tribeca's stellar reputation as a fervent advocate for women writers and directors, Through Her Lens is here to nurture and elevate these vital voices in both their professional and artistic growth.

Throughout this comprehensive three-day program, our experienced mentors work hand-in-hand with talent like you to refine and present your short film concepts to the film industry. What's more, they're dedicated to selecting and funding one of your outstanding projects, transforming it into a cinematic masterpiece.

Ready to take your filmmaking journey to the next level? Dive into the world of Through Her Lens and discover how this collaboration with The Tribeca CHANEL is the boost you need to showcase your unique creative vision.

Through Her Lens

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