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Women at Sundance

Elevate Your Filmmaking Journey with Women at Sundance: Empowering Women in Film Excellence!

Their dedicated program emerged in collaboration with WIF Los Angeles back in 2012, marking the beginning of a transformative partnership. Together, they joined forces to commission pioneering research conducted by Dr. Stacy Smith and her esteemed team at USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative. This research illuminated the critical barriers and opportunities that shape the narrative for women filmmakers.

Empowered by these insights, the Women at Sundance initiative is a guiding light for filmmakers hailing from historically underrepresented communities. Through yearlong Fellowships and impactful intensives, they empower you to forge sustainable careers, foster community connections, and fortify the pipeline of visionary artists.

The Women at Sundance program has fostered the growth of networks led by women and heightened industry decision-makers' awareness about the underrepresentation of women behind the camera, not just in independent film but also beyond its realm.

The Women at Sundance program remains steadfast in its commitment to championing, spotlighting, and carving pathways for women storytellers to thrive and shape our cultural landscape. With offerings like the Momentum, Women at Sundance Adobe, Adelante Directors, and ReFrame Rise Fellowships, as well as the annual two-day WIF x Sundance Institute Financing and Strategy Intensive, they create a nurturing environment for you to excel creatively and professionally.

Explore the opportunities Women at Sundance presents, offering career sustainability, community building, and an enriched creative practice. Their programs are designed to propel you forward, all by invitation based on prior Institute support.

Women at Sundance

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