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Diversity in Cinema Academy is a filmmaking one-stop resource hub that offers tips, guidance, and courses to help filmmakers create content that is both culturally relevant and entertaining. We are passionate about creating an environment that celebrates diversity and inclusivity in the film industry.

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We strive to provide the best filmmaking education to students and industry professionals who want to learn new techniques, stay on top of the latest trends, and gain the skills they need to make their mark in the industry. Come join us and get access to the knowledge and resources you need to make your next film project a success.

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Hi There!

I'm Thada Catalon

If you entered my gateway of all things filmmaking, you’re probably a filmmaker, content creator, or screenwriter (or thinking about becoming one.)

So, feel free to dive in and fill your Google bookmarks and data storage up with the FREE resources, training, and action steps necessary to run an efficient movie production.

Reach the Next Level of Film Success With Me!

Leveling Up Your Film Business Online Course


Starting a film production is harder than you thought. You’ve created micro-videos, short films, ultra low-budget films, and watched more “how to produce a movie” tutorials than you’re comfortable admitting. Yet, you’re realizing something’s still missing.



Developing a production goes beyond shooting a badass film! It’s about creating a film business that will get you a return on investment.





Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Let’s Level Up Your Film Business with my easy-to-implement blueprint that provide business, distribution, marketing, and fundraising strategies.


And You’re Right!

Do You Have All of Your Ducks in a Row?

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Unlock A Whole New World of Film Business Strategies

Whether you’re a filmmaker, content creator or screenwriter, get ready to dive deep into some of the industry’s best advice, tips, and tricks— I’m giving them out for free on my YouTube Channel.

Filmmaking 101: What Beginner Filmmakers Really Should Be Learning in Intro to Filmmaking 

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14-Step Process for Making a Short Film | For Beginner Filmmakers

6 Ways to Break Into the Film Industry | A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Filmmaking Career

The Woman King Review & Character Breakdown | Internal & External Motivations | Story Analysis


Unlock Your Creative Potential with our Expert Blog Articles

From production tips to screenwriting advice, our blog has a wealth of knowledge that can help filmmakers and screenwriters stay up-to-date on the ever-evolving world of filmmaking. In addition, creators can learn new tips and tricks to help them create their best work. Whatever you’re looking for, there will surely be a blog post to help you.