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Diversity in Cinema Academy's 2023 Goals

The first quarter of 2023 is gone, and if you were anything like how I usually am for a new year – I'm sure you were fired up and ready to kick down doors this year.

The year 2023 is now upon us. Woohoo!!!

It's not that I wasn't excited about what the year had in store for Diversity in Cinema Academy. I was just tired, burned out, and overwhelmed by everything in my life…

  • Scripting, shooting, editing, and posting YouTube videos

  • Researching ideas, creating graphics, and posting on social media

  • Creating and editing TikTok videos and Reels

  • Promoting Leveling Up Your Film Business

  • Writing Newsletters

  • Doing Homework for my Master in Digital Marketing

  • Failing Miserably at Work / Life Balance

All of it just became too much. Something had to give. So, I sat still for a moment and reflected.

I want to make 2023 the best year ever for the Diversity in Cinema Academy community. Therefore, I needed to be really strategic about my next moves for the year.

There's a saying…. Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up.

So, that's what I did.

I'm excited about where the year is headed, I've set some ambitious goals, and I'm doing the hard work of reflecting on last year, so I know what I want to take with me as I keep moving forward in 2023.

So, before we jump into my goals for 2023, I want to take this opportunity to share with you what I learned after completing the Year-End Review Template.

My Reflections of 2022

What were my goals?
  • The first goal I had for 2022 was to work with beta clients.

  • The second goal I had for 2022 was to launch a YouTube channel.

  • My third goal for 2022 was to launch my online course, Leveling Up Your Film Business.

  • My fourth goal for 2022 was to create and release digital production documents.

What actually happened?
  • I executed the first three goals. In addition…

  • I helped clients during 1:1 consultation sessions.

  • I shot and edited a short documentary for a client. (I documented the process on YouTube.)

  • I didn't finish creating my digital production documents.

Why did it happen?

At the start of 2022, I wrote a blog outlining my goals and vision. You can check it out here: Diversity in Cinema Academy's 2022 Goals.

I achieved most of my big goals for the year. And I'm really proud of that. However, the additional tasks I added to my already busy schedule and enrolling in Full Sail University overwhelmed me.

What lessons did you learn?

The biggest lesson I learned is that I need to focus on one ambitious goal at a time.

What can I do better next time?

Be realistic about what I can accomplish as a solopreneur. I also would make sure that I give myself grace just to relax, focus on my health and ensure that rest time is reflected in my schedule.

Now that I've completed some much-needed reflection and introspection, I'm ready to set my intentions for 2023!

Diversity in Cinema Academy has been busy coming up with new goals for 2023, and I wanted to share the biggest ones with you.

My first goal for 2023 is to take Q1 off to focus on strategizing.

I used the first quarter of this year to focus on being intentional with everything I do and prioritizing one ambitious goal at a time. My objectives for the first quarter were to plan, organize, and be ready to execute at the top of the 2nd quarter.

So, this is what my first quarter looked like:

  • I cut ties with things that were holding me back

  • I focused on my health so I'll have the ability to focus more

  • Revamped my business plan and laid out my goals for the year

  • Created a new marketing strategy

The second goal for 2023 is launching my FREE Master Class, About Film Funding.

"The Hard Truth About Film Funding" is a WEBINAR packed full of insightful information and practical tips to help you get the funding you need to make your next film a success. Attendees walk away feeling more confident with my 9-step Film Funding formula.

My third goal for 2023 is to hire an editor to edit my YouTube and short-form videos.

Editing is a long, tedious process, especially for people who do not enjoy it. And I am one of those people. In addition, this task takes up so much of my time that I could use for other business ventures and creative activities.

So, I'm currently journaling each task I do for editing and posting a video to YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Once I compile my task list, I will create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and scope of work for the editor. After that, I will post a job notice on Upwork and Fivver for a freelancer. I'm hoping to have this position filled by May.

My fourth goal for 2023 is growing my subscriber list and student enrollment.

Sharing my experience and expertise is something I love doing. I am that filmmaker who wants to help prevent others from having to endure all the heartache and hardships that many of us have encountered during our filmmaking journey. Sharing video content on YouTube and online courses, plus providing tips in newsletters and blogs, is an excellent component of online learning that I'm proud to be a part of.

My fifth goal for 2023 is creating and releasing digital production documents.

This goal is still on my to-do list; unfortunately, it's still a low priority. But I really want you all to have current documents and forms. There are a ton of free production documents floating around on the internet. I even downloaded some of those documents when I started my filmmaking career. However, the one thing I noticed since I've been in this industry is that those forms are VERY OUTDATED. It's no telling how long those forms have been floating around. I started in the industry over a decade ago, and they were OUTDATED then. I just didn't know any better.

That's why it is imperative for me to create new, more relevant forms for today's filmmakers.


There's nothing like sharing your goals with your virtual friends to make sure we stay accountable and actually work towards completing our goals!

What about you? What is your #1 goal for 2023?

Hit reply and let me know. It makes me happy to learn more about your goals and desires.

Here's to a productive 2023!


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Diversity in Cinema Academy has many other resources that I love to share with you, but I wanted to keep this blog strictly about my 2023 goals for Diversity in Cinema Academy.

If I had to pick two resources I couldn't live without for starting a film production, it would be these two tools.

Aside from the tools above, I also use many other resources to help me prep for a movie production. Some of them are FREE and some are paid.

You can check out some of the other resources that I love using on Diversity in Cinema Academy's resources page. You can view all of the resources for Filmmakers, Content Creators and Screenwriters from the links provided.

From filmmaking tools, to content creation tools, to screenwriting tools... they all can be found in the tools section of Diversity in Cinema Academy's website. I highly recommend that you check out our tools store! :)

If you like it, please help me to share the resources link with a friend. I would really appreciate it!

Okay, that's all for now. I hope that you have found the information I provided helpful!



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