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Unlock Her Potential Mentorship

Discover a groundbreaking opportunity to advance your career in filmmaking and screenwriting. Research underscores the scarcity of mentorship for women of color, a consequence of systemic racism and patriarchy. It's time to change the narrative.

Unlock Her Potential aims to elevate women of color into leadership roles, ushering them into the C-suite, director's chair, and beyond. Let's shatter the boys' club that has perpetuated exclusion. To qualify, you must be a woman* of color, aged 18 or older, residing in the US (including Puerto Rico), and possess an active LinkedIn profile.

Apply for a SINGLE MENTORSHIP to streamline your submission. The program will only consider your most recent application if multiple are submitted.

A $25 non-refundable administrative fee accompanies your mentorship application. This contribution aids application processing and sustains the program. If financial constraints arise, opt for a smaller donation or opt-out, knowing all applications receive equal consideration.

*This encompasses cis, trans, non-binary, femmes, gender non-conforming, gender-expansive, & gender-fluid individuals. Your journey to success starts here. Apply today and unleash your potential!

MasterClass Issa Rae
Unlock Her Potential Mentorship

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