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Film Marketing Basics: Diving into The Little Mermaid's Target Audience

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

As indie filmmakers, we dive into the boundless ocean of creativity, fueled by the exhilarating prospect of captivating audiences with our cinematic visions. But amidst the crashing waves of passion and ambition, we often find ourselves wrestling with an elusive challenge: how to hook and reel in a devoted target audience.

Reeling in your target audience

Picture this: you're the captain of your own ship, navigating treacherous waters, searching for that hidden treasure—the perfect marketing strategy.

Well, my fellow filmmakers, prepare to embark on a thrilling expedition as we unlock the secrets of Disney's enchanting remake, The Little Mermaid. 🧜🏽‍♀️

Get ready to set sail on a voyage of film marketing basics, discovering the power of knowing your target audience. Just like a skilled captain navigating uncharted waters, let's uncover the secrets that will help you steer your films toward success.

So, let's dive in.

Film Marketing Basics: Target Audience Persona

To successfully market your independent film, it's crucial to understand your target audience. In the first part of my series, "The Basic Principles of Film Marketing," I shared the importance of identifying your audience and how marketing principles are intertwined with the filmmaking process. By knowing who your audience is, you can effectively engage and connect with them through your marketing efforts. To dive deeper into identifying your audience, be sure to check out that article, as well.


Now, how many of you have been here? You've poured your heart and soul into your indie film, only for it to be lost in the abyss.

It feels like swimming in an ocean of uncertainty, doesn't it?

The main problem lies in the lack of understanding of your target audience. Without this, your film may be washed away to murky waters— undiscovered and unappreciated.

If this is you, worry not; I have a lifeboat ready to rescue you and guide you through film marketing basics: target audience!

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Target Audience Persona

Understanding the target audience persona is essential for an indie filmmaker because it helps them tailor their filmmaking and marketing efforts to resonate with the right viewers.

By defining the characteristics, demographics, and psychographics of their ideal audience, filmmakers can create content that appeals directly to their target market's interests, preferences, and needs.

This knowledge enables filmmakers to make informed decisions regarding storytelling, visual style, promotional strategies, and distribution channels.


Demographics refer to the characteristics of a population. These characteristics typically include factors such as Age, Gender, Income, Education Level, Occupation, Ethnicity, And Geographic Location.

Now, let's explore the captivating world of The Little Mermaid and its target audience persona.

The primary target audience for the remake is young adults and families, aged 18-34, who hold a nostalgic connection to the original film.

These viewers cherish the timeless tale of Ariel and her underwater adventures, seeking enchanting storytelling, memorable characters, and the magic of music. They long to relive the childhood memories they once made beneath the sea.

The secondary audience includes children and pre-teens, accompanied by their parents, who are about to embark on their own magical journey with The Little Mermaid.

This young audience is ready to dive headfirst into the underwater world and experience the wonders of Ariel and her friends for the first time.

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And let's not forget the Tertiary Audience—These are Disney enthusiasts of all ages who can't resist the allure of a classic fairy tale. They are always on the lookout for the next magical adventure to captivate their hearts.

While the primary marketing efforts may be geared towards the target audience of children and families, the promotional campaigns will likely also include elements that appeal to the broader general audience.

This may involve highlighting the film's stunning visuals, musical performances, and the nostalgic connection to the beloved story.

Also, the film has a traditional princess narrative that has historically resonated more with female audiences. However, it also features adventure and themes that can appeal to a wide range of viewers.

Nonetheless, the proof is in the first wave of box office numbers. The Little Mermaid's opening weekend audience was an estimated 68% female and 50% ages 25+.

Understanding the demographics of your target audience can provide valuable insights into their purchasing power, media consumption habits, cultural background, and other factors that influence their preferences and behaviors.

That's why market research is critical to the success of your film.

Now, demographics are more surface-level insights. To really understand what motivates your audience to splurge on your film, you have to plunge into the Power of Psychographics.


Psychographics delve deeper into the psyche of your target audience. Personality Traits, Lifecycle Stage, Interests, Attitudes or Beliefs, and Activities are the most popular psychographics.

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So, let's look at some psychographics when it comes to The Little Mermaid:

  • Adventurous Spirits: These people crave excitement, new experiences, and the thrill of adventure.

  • Music and Musicals lovers: They are fans of musical theater and those who appreciate captivating songs and performances.

  • Animation and Visual Art lovers: These individuals are interested in animation, visual effects, and the artistry behind creating vibrant and engaging worlds.

  • True Love: These viewers appreciate the theme of true love conquering all obstacles, as portrayed in many Disney princess stories.

  • Marine Life: These individuals enjoy marine ecosystems and the environment.

  • Diversity and Inclusivity: These fans appreciate diverse storytelling and casting choices, supporting the inclusion of underrepresented groups.

  • Collectors and Merchandise Enthusiasts: These individuals enjoy collecting merchandise related to their favorite films and characters.

  • Online Community Engagement Networks: These are viewers who actively participate in online discussions, fan theories, and social media conversations about the film.

Understanding these psychographic traits of the target audience helps indie filmmakers recognize the elements that resonate deeply with viewers.

Incorporating these elements into your films can help you create emotional connections that captivate an audience into wanting to see your movie.

Remember, successful filmmaking not only relies on understanding demographics but also on grasping the emotional and psychological aspects that drive viewers' engagement and passion.

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Fanbase or Fan Community

Another target audience to consider is the fans of the actors. Typically, the Fanbase or Fan Community are specifically drawn to the film because of their admiration and support for the actors involved.

They may follow their favorite actors closely, engage in discussions, attend events, and eagerly anticipate their performances in a movie. The fanbase plays a significant role in generating buzz and interest in the film, amplifying its reach and impact.

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So, now that you're armed with the knowledge of The Little Mermaid's target audience, it's time to embrace the power of marketing and connect with your viewers.

Remember, understanding your target audience persona is like having a treasure map that leads to success.

And hey, while you're at it, be sure to steer into the power of social media marketing next. So you'll know how to promote to your target audience.

Final thoughts…

Understanding the target audience persona and embracing the fundamentals of film marketing are vital for indie filmmakers looking to make a splash in the industry.

By diving into the depths of demographics and psychographics, filmmakers can navigate the sea of uncertainty and discover the treasure trove of insights that lie within their target audience.

Armed with this knowledge, they can craft compelling stories, create emotional connections, and effectively promote their films to the right viewers.

So, my fellow filmmakers, remember to set sail with a solid marketing strategy, keep your target audience in mind, and let your creativity shine. The journey may be challenging, but with the right compass in hand, success is within reach.

Key takeaways:

  • Defining the target audience persona helps filmmakers tailor their content and marketing efforts to resonate with the right viewers.

  • Demographics provide insights into the characteristics and preferences of the target audience.

  • Psychographics delve deeper into the motivations, interests, and beliefs of the audience, enabling filmmakers to create emotional connections.

  • Understanding the target audience helps filmmakers make informed decisions about storytelling, visual style, and promotional strategies.

  • A strong marketing strategy and knowledge of the target audience are crucial for the success of indie films.

Together, let's make waves and create films that capture hearts and leave lasting impressions!

Keep swimming, keep dreaming, and let your films shine like a million stars in the sea!

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