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Revolt TV Presents - Karma: The Tale of a Woman Scorned

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Director, Thada Catalon's new short Film, "Karma: The Tale of a Woman Scorned," explores a woman's plight to seek retribution.

Television Broadcast Premiere, March 26th @10PM/EST!

It's been three years since producer Thada Catalon stunned audiences with her controversial feature film, Created Equal. She returns with the same energy on her directorial debut of the short film, Karma: The Tale of a Woman Scorned – an independently produced urban drama, which will be featured as a "Television Premiere" on Revolt TV's Short and Fresh Series. The film airs on Friday, March 26th, at 10 pm/EST.

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The short film is a fascinating tale about a woman's quest to learn the truth. Secrets come pouring out, which sets off a heartbroken, full of rage and vulnerable woman. She handles the situation like a game of chess-- on the verge of a checkmate.

Karma: The Tale of a Woman Scorned is based on the book series, Karma, written by Author Shana Booker of Pink Diamond, LLC, who also serves as Executive Producer, along with her partner Steven Thompson of Top Level Promotions.

The script was written by Shana Booker and Thada Catalon and was produced by Thada Catalon of T-CAT Films and J.O. Malone.

The urban crime drama brings together a stunning cast Ammie Masterson (Better Call Saul, Brotherly Love, Magnum PI), Yohance Myles (Ambitions, Shots Fired, Containment), Juan C. Vasquez (Trap Plane, Through the Valley), and introducing DeQuita "Bella G" Lanier.

The cast takes us on a fun, wild, and compelling journey that provokes the question:

Do We Reap What We Sow?


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Thada Catalon has been working professionally as a Producer and Screenwriter in the entertainment industry for over twelve years. She's a graduate of Full Sail University with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

She's also a former adjunct professor of filmmaking and screenwriting for the Art Institute of Houston. Before that, she served in the US Army as a Human Resources Manager and deployed to Kuwait to support Operation Iraqi Freedom.

After exiting the military, Catalon began her film career as an actress. That path soon led her to produce three feature films under her production company T-CAT Films. Her first foray into producing was the urban crime drama "Because I Love You," and her follow-up feature-length production was the sci-fi flick "Flashes" in which she was the winning recipient of the inaugural Houston Filmmaker Grant.

Catalon's latest production, "Created Equal," directed by Bill Duke and stars Aaron Tveit, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Edy Ganem, has won over a dozen awards, including Best Feature Film.

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