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Casting Director

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Casting Director

What does a Casting Director do?

A casting directors' (CD) job is to collaborate with producers, directors, and studio executives to cast stars that best fit the imagined role in a film or television project. They are responsible for deciding what talent gets pushed forward during the selection process. This requires the CD to have a thorough understanding of acting to fulfill the production's creative vision. The primary responsibilities of the CD are the following:


  • They read scripts and meet with the production team to discuss the type of actors they are looking for in each role. 

  • They have to find someone who visually looks like the character defined in the script and has excellent acting chops.

  • They also consider the actor's availability, rates, box office buzz, and social media following when making suggestions.

  • The casting director posts casting calls, look at headshots and demo reels, and organize auditions.

  • They present a list of out-of-the-box candidates that could potentially change the essence of the storyline.

  • Then the production team reviews all material and audition tapes, and together they decide on a final selection for each role.

  • The casting director also negotiates deal points or conditions and then draw up deal memos.

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