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Location Manager

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Location Manager

What does a Location Manager do?

The location manager is the lead scout for the film production. They are the liaisons between the location's representative and the production company. Their primary goal is to find, negotiate, and secure safe locations for the film.


During pre-production, the location manager meets with the director, producer, production designer, and other department heads to discuss the film's look, style, and feel. Based on discussions, they seek out specific locations that meet the needs of the vision. During the scout, they take pictures, detailed notes, and work out the cost. 


The location manager reports their findings to the production team. After reviewing and confirming the desired locale, the location manager sets up a tech scout for the production team. The team inspects for noise, power sources, space, parking, etc. Once the team approves the location, the location manager negotiates and confirm contracts with owners.


Other responsibilities of the location manager include:


  • Provides maps and directions of the location to the cast and crew

  • Negotiate arrangements with nearby neighbors

  • Finds and arranges a locale for base camp

  • Obtains filming permits

  • Arranges parking for cast and crew

  • Arranges catering

  • Arranges cleanup of location

  • Provides location representative a certificate of insurance 

  • Reports damages to the production office for insurance claims

  • Coordinates for air-conditioning, heating, porta-potties, etc.

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What does a Location Scout do?

The location scout reports to and works under the command of the location manager. They can be hired to work on the production as early as the development stage. But, of course, that depends upon the artistic demands and the number of locations needed.


The location manager delegates a lot of the scouting responsibilities to the location scout. Their responsibilities include:


  • Assists with scouting

  • Researches and photograph locations

  • Makes appointments to meet with owners and residents

  • Arranges tech scout for heads of departments

  • Writes and distributes letters to local residents informing them about the filming

  • Liaisons between the crew and location owners

  • Helps the production manager to clear and tidy the location and set

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