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Costume Designer

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Costume Designer

What does a Costume Designer do?

The costume designer chooses or designs all of the looks that the actors wear in a scene. They work closely with the director and production designer to establish the film's look, style, and feel. They start by breaking down the script. Next, they think of ways on how they can enhance the storytelling through fashion. They research and create mood boards for the character's wardrobe to communicate the style that should be applied for each scene.


After they receive approvals, the costume designer works out what they need to design, purchase, or rent. They create a budget for their department and submit it for approval from the line producer. Once the budget is approved, they hire a team, schedule purchases, organize fittings, and take photographs for continuity. The director and producer sign off on final looks.


During production, the costume designer is always on set for any adjustments that need to be made whenever new actors or new looks are in the scene. Otherwise, another costumer will be on set at all times to help actors in and out of their wardrobe.

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