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Sales Agent

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Sales Agent

What does a Sales Agent do?

Looking for a way to get your film seen in theaters, television, Blu-ray, and streaming platforms? Then what you need is a sales agent. Distributors, television networks, and streaming giants typically only work directly with sales agents. They are the middlemen that act on behalf of the producer to sell the rights to an independent film or television series.


Sales agents promote the films that they represent to buyers at film markets and major festivals, such as AFM, Sundance, and Cannes, just to name a few. They hold screenings and then negotiate terms with interested buyers from across the world. 

If you're new to the business of film, most sales agents would expect to see a finished film before they take your concept out to the market. In other cases, where the filmmaker already has a track record of producing content, a sales agent might be able to sell a film to a buyer as a concept, a script, or at the filming or post-production stage. If you can get sales estimates from reputable distributors, you can, in some cases, apply for financing from a lender.

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