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What does a Screenwriter do?

A screenwriter writes compelling stories for visual or audio consumption. They are ultimately writing the blueprint for a narrative device that takes shape in the form of a screenplay or teleplay. They write structurally formatted scripts for feature films, short films, television, commercials, podcasts, and video games. They also prepare scripts for documentaries and reality programs. This blueprint informs the Producer, Director, Production Designer, Editor, and Composer of the story's creative essence.


The screenplay process goes through several phases before landing on the final shooting script. These include a logline, synopsis, outline, treatment, first draft, rewrite, polish, and final shooting script. During these phases, the screenwriter researches authenticity of content, then develops an exciting storyline, intriguing themes, fascinating characters, and dynamic dialogue. Even after the shooting script is finalized, it can still go through extensive rewrites due to actors' input on dialogue or problems with locations that may cause the director to condense, rearrange or drop a scene altogether.


Screenwriters customarily develop a script based on their original idea, a producer's concept, an existing story's adaption, or contributing to an existing television project.

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Script Analysis

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