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Production Coordinator

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Production Coordinator

What does a Production Coordinator do?

Production coordinators are the liaisons between the line producer and the cast and crew. They set up the production office and manages a team of production assistants. They run the production office when the line producer and production manager are on the set. They are highly organized and efficient. 


After completing principal photography, the production coordinator assists with the 'wrap' of the movie production. They ensure that all equipment is returned and vendor accounts are closed. They tie up any loose ends with cast, crew, and suppliers.


Their responsibilities include:


  • Coordinates travel, accommodations, ground transportation, work visas, and work permits

  • Completes union paperwork (i.e., IATSE, SAG, DGA, etc.)

  • Disseminates information to cast & crew (call sheets, script revisions, production schedule, etc.)

  • Upload dailies and daily production reports to digital filing system (i.e., Dropbox)

  • Creates and distributes cast & crew lists

  • Creates a pre-production schedule

  • Assist with recruiting of the local crew

  • Process contracts

  • Order Equipment

  • Handles couriers and shipping

  • Manages insurance paperwork

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