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Line Producer

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Line Producer

What does a Line Producer do?

The producer usually hires a Line Producer during the latter stages of development. The job title of a Line Producer was derived from their role in determining the 'line' between the 'above-the-line' costs, which relate to writers, producers, directors, and cast, and the 'below-the-line' costs, which include everything else (e.g., crew salaries, catering, equipment rentals, locations, set design, insurance, legal, etc.). 


Line Producers play a crucial role in assessing a film production's likely costs by conducting a script breakdown and generating a preliminary shooting schedule. This breakdown and schedule help informs the line-item budget. The producers can then provide a line-item budget to potential investors that detail the estimated amount of capital needed to begin shooting. 


Once the funding has been raised, the Line Producer transitions into the pre-production phase. They manage the film's budget and oversee all operations and logistics of the movie production. The line producer's role is often coupled with the title production manager as they usually manage the day to day physical aspects on lower budget film projects. Their role is considered the head of production, and they are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget.


The Line Producer responsibilities include: 

  • Script breakdown and preliminary production scheduling

  • Schedule shoot dates and locations

  • Creates a provisional line-item budget

  • Decides how the money gets spent

  • Sets up the production office

  • Recruits key members of the crew

  • Sources equipment and suppliers

  • Negotiate deals with vendors 

  • Health and safety procedures 

  • Insurance Claims

  • Foresee pitfalls and disasters and extinguish fires

  • Act as a liaison between crew and producers

  • Communicates with Assistant Director to ensure production is on schedule

  • Oversees the 'wrap' of the production and hand over to the post-production supervisor.

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