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What does a Gaffer do?

The gaffer is responsible for creating the lighting design for a motion picture. They work closely with the director of photography to establish the film's look, style, and feel. They start by breaking down the script. Next, they think of ways on how they can enhance the storytelling through the use of lighting techniques and effects. Along with the DP, they create a lighting plan to help bring the artistic vision to life. From there, they can determine what they would need in terms of a kit and crew.


After they receive approvals, the gaffer works out what they need to purchase or rent. They create a budget for their department and submit it for approval from the line producer. Once the budget is approved, they hire a best boy electric to help assemble the rest of the team and prepare a purchase and rentals schedule.


During production, the gaffer and their team are responsible for setting up the lights. They are responsible for the electrical safety of the set. They must have a clear understanding of power circuits, cables, power supplies, generators, lighting, heating, and air conditioning.


On smaller productions, this position usually has a lot of crossover with the grip department. The Grip-Electric (G&E) crew generally works with anything that requires electricity and rigging and striking of the lights.

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