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Production Accountant


Production Accountant

What does a Production Accountant do?

A production accountant handles the financials of film production. They are responsible for managing funds and maintaining the bookkeeping records during the course of a film or TV production. The accountant works closely with the producer and the production office.


During pre-production, the production accountant works with the line producer to help prepare the budget and estimated final cost reports. They also prepare a separate estimated final cost report to submit with the production's application for the state's film incentives.


The production accountant must understand the filmmaking process and have general knowledge of the crew positions, equipment, materials, supplies, union rules, and so much more. In addition, they must ensure that the production is meeting all the legal requirements, both state and federal.



If the production is financed by a banking institution, the production accountant may have to deal with bank finance and completion guarantors (an insurance policy to make sure the film is delivered on time and on budget).


The Production Accountant's other responsibilities include:


  • Sets up and manages accounting systems

  • Supervises assistant accountants and accounts assistants

  • Calculates finances

  • Controls the cash flow and spending

  • Manages petty cash receipts and reports

  • Oversees payments to vendors

  • Manages payroll

  • Prepares cost reports showing all income and expenditures

  • Finalizes financial records and arranges an independent audit

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